Международна Академия по Приложно Християнство


Неемия Бизнес Програма

в партньорство с Nehemiah Project Intl

НЕЕМИЯ БИЗНЕС ПРОГРАМАТА екипира бизнес лидери в принципите на Библейско предприемачество с цел стартиране, изграждане и разширяване на бизнеси

Академия "По-високо Измерение" обявява конкурс за подбиране на двама лидери в областта на бизнес предприемачество, които да бъдат обучени и сертифицирани като ментори и преподаватели на бизнес програмата за България.

Продължителността на обучението е 12 седмици, от 7 октомври до 6 януари на английски, 3 часа на седмица от Nehemiah Project Intl. Неемия Бизнес Програмата стартира на 15 януари за България.

Резюметата трябва да бъдат получени в офиса ни не по-късно от 15 семтември, 2020 г. За повече информация, прочетете по-долу.

Online Trainer Certification

This certification program launches on Wednesday, 7 Oct 2020 and is divided into 2 Parts:

Part I (Training)

Venue: Online, through Zoom Meeting
Date: Every week, on Wednesday 16:00 -19:00 BG time (12 weeks)


Part 2 (Mentor Coaching)

Once a month

Venue: Online, through Zoom Meeting
Date & Time: Every month, from Jan 2021 – Sep 2021 (9 months), date and time to be determined

Do you have a desire to empower business leaders to live out their God-given purpose for business? Do you have a passion to rebuild your community and world by teaching biblical principles in the

Nehemiah Project invites all of those who are passionate and willing to do what it takes to expand the Kingdom through business to become Certified Nehemiah Trainers!

Nehemiah Project provides a 30-hour Trainer Certification Course to qualify Christian business teachers, youth workers, and individuals with business experience to educate others on how to start and operate a business based on biblical principles. Upon completion of the course, trainers become certified Nehemiah Instructors and have the opportunity to teach our courses in a variety of settings, including online and live.

As a Certified Trainer, you will have the opportunity to equip others to build and steward their businesses through teaching our various curriculums, including but not limited to: Biblical Entrepreneurship, Purpose and Profitability, and Young Biblical Entrepreneur. In addition, as a Certified Trainer, you will receive the opportunity to connect with other business leaders, be a champion in your community, and be a part of reviving our world through Kingdom influence that leads to transformation.


  1. Newborn Christian
  2. Servant hearted leader
  3. To be called and committed to the process to train and equip business leaders.
  4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both English and Bulgarian for the purpose of knowledge transfer and efficiently explaining topics.
  5. Experience in the Business field
  6. Teaching/training/presentation skills
  7. A bachelor or higher degree (preferable, but not required)
  8. User-level experience with MS Office Suite.
  9. Passion for learning with strong influencing skills.

More about Nehemiah Business Program

The Nehemiah Business Program works in partnership with business owners, churches, and business associations to operate local Entrepreneurship community centers for start up, small to medium size businesses. We train and support kingdom companies through Biblical Entrepreneurship training, coaching and access to capital.


  • 38 countries served
  • 20,000 entrepreneurs trained and the selected candidates will
  • 2000 entrepreneurs coached
  • $2.2M invested in businesses
  • Building kingdom businesses globally since 1999

All candidates need to submit a resume NO LATER than 15 September 2020 to:
Follow up interview will be scheduled for all selected candidates.

For more information please, call: 089 391 3001