1. Watch all the sessions and take notes.
  2. Read the book required for the class.
  3. Read your Bible daily and meditate on the Word.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal deeper understanding about His Word, His character, and what He is doing in your life, family and business today.   
  4. Participate in ministry groups where you can practice new skills without fear of being wrong and making a mistake. 
  5. At the end of every module, take the test and type a two-page personal report on how this class impacted your life and how you impact the lives of those around you. Email your report to the office using a cover page.
  6. Do not get engaged in any sinful activities. Immerse in the Holy Spirit daily and model the work and the gifts of the Spirit.
  7. Participate in the private FB group for enrolled students only:
  • Be respectful to everyone with your comments.
  • Do not engage in arguments.
  • Respect everyone’s opinion even if you disagree with them!
  • Partner in prayer with the rest.
  • Follow the events and the meetings.
  • Address all your questions to the leadership.