Lifestyle of our students:

  1. Lifestyle of Faith. We expect you to grow in your faith, be transformed by the power of the Word and the Holy Spirit, and live out a life that models the character of God.
  2. Lifestyle of Honor. Honor all leaders of the body of Christ by guarding your mouth from criticism, gossip, lies, quarrels, or empty conversations. Be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the Word.
  3. Lifestyle of Holiness. Present yourself to the Lord and don’t compromise by allowing sin in your life. Do not engage in drinking, smoking, sexual immorality or other hidden sins. If there are areas that you struggle to overcome, be transparent with your leaders and seek help. 
  4. Lifestyle of Sacrifice. By enrolling in the school, you are already sacrificing, but sacrifice is not just paying the tuition, it is about sacrificing your time, energy, and finances. We expect you not to miss sessions, seminars, conferences or local outreaches.
  5. Lifestyle of a Servant-Leader. You are called to be the head and not the tail. You are called to be a leader, but Jesus modeled leadership by serving others. So be ready whenever the opportunity is presented to you to serve and help. 
  6. Lifestyle of a Disciple. Along with doing the required study per week, read the required book, do your homework and make sure you study the Word and spend time in prayer. 
  7. Lifestyle of a Worshiper. Worshiping God is not only singing during worship time in your church, but we are called to worship God in Spirit and Truth with everything we are and everything we have. Serving others and giving are also expressions of worship!
  8. Lifestyle of a Prayer Warrior. Offer prayer with supplication and thanksgiving for everyone in position of power – worldly leaders and leaders of the body of Christ.  Pray for your local church, city, and nation daily.