The Higher Dimension Academy is offering a two year online hybrid program with courses designed to equip, activate and release believers to become powerful leaders in their sphere of influence.

Courses are designed and taught by world-class leaders in the body of Christ with a goal to  impart students with:

  • The revelation of the true character of God and of the power of His Word.
  • The ability to function from the position of the new identity in Jesus Christ.
  • Understanding of their calling, purpose and destiny in God.
  • Activation in the supernatural gifts of God for a victorious life.
  • Influence in the areas of the seven mountains of society - Government, Religion, Economy, Education, Media, Art and Culture, Family.

Year One

Core courses

  • Passionate Pursuit: To know God and His Word, James W. Goll. 12 sessions, a work book, and a book
  • ID Encounter, Steve Chua
  • Hosting the Presence, Bill Jonhson, 8 sessions and a book
  • The Power of a Transformed Mind, Bill Johnson. 8 sessions and a book
  • Releasing Spiritual Gifts Today, James W. Goll. 12 video sessions, a work book, and a book
  • The Supernatural Ways of Royalty, Kris Vallotton. 8 sessions and a book
  • Hearing the Voice of God, Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow. 9 sessions
  • Foundations of Honor, Danny Silk. 11 sessions and a book
  • Call to Freedom, Arman and Petya Lalane, 8 sessions, a work book, and a 1 day retreat on inner healing and deliverance


  • The Five Fingers of God, Mark Tubbs. 4 sessions
  • The Glory School, Patricia King. 16 sessions and a workbook

Year Two

During the second year of the Higher Dimension Academy, students will choose courses and receive practical training based on their calling.

  • Choose and complete three modules based on their areas of interest.
  • Complete 10 courses in total
  • Participate in seminars, workshops and an annual conference with powerful guest speakers, including some course instructors for the purpose of activation.

The modules to choose from include:

Reformation in the Seven Mountains (required)

  • RISE!, Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow
  • Relational Transformation, Mark Tubbs

The Prophetic Gift and the Gift of the Prophet

  • Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry, Kris Vallotton
  • The School of Prophecy, Stacey Campbell
  • The Seer, James W. Goll
  • The Discerner, James W. Goll

The Courts of Heaven

  • Receiving healing from the Courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson
  • Unlocking destinies from the courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson

Spiritual Warfare

  • Victorious Warfare, Patricia King
  • Defeating the strongholds of the mind, Rebecca Greenwood
  • Leviathan Revealed, Robert Hotchkin

Signs and wonders

  • The Reality & Power of Angels – Collection
  • Signs that Make You Wonder – Collection
  • Dream Crash Course, Doug Addison


  • Essential guide to Healing, Bill Johnson and Randy Clark
  • Healing starts now!, Joan Hunter

The Five Fold

  • Prophetic Evangelism, Ché Ahn and Stacey Campbell
  • Kingdom Breakthrough, Mark Tubbs


  • Leading with Excellence, Patricia King
  • Leadership 101, Danny Silk

Family and relationships

  • Relationship 101, Danny Silk

Kingdom Prosperity

  • Kingdom Business, Robert Fukui