Patricia King

After listening to the sessions about angels, I told everyone during dinner with my family that the angels are here and tonight, we will have a visitation! Our middle daughter, who is a charismatic freak like me, immediately stepped into the new spiritual atmosphere.

V.I., 55, lawyer, Sofia, Bulgaria

I listened to the whole course three times, and each time I gained new truths and new revelations. My faith grew to a new dimension, my prayer life changed and brought me closer to Jesus Christ. I learned new ways to hear God’s voice; and I started speaking to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead me into spiritual adventures. I now see through spiritual eyes in a different way and have visions that God gives me in prayer. All this after I watched Patricia's teaching about visions in the spiritual world.

I enjoyed the truths and revelations God revealed to Patricia King. She presents this knowledge to her students with exceptional lightness and practical experience.

From the beginning, every video lesson revealed revolutionary truths that opened my spiritual eyes, leading me into deep intimacy with our Lord Jesus Christ and a developing friendship with the Holy Spirit.

E.D., 48, telecommunications engineer, Sofia, Bulgaria

I am extremely grateful for "The Glory School" with Patricia King. It covers a variety of topics and gives comprehensive material in the video lessons and workbook. This definitely catalyzes my spiritual growth.

This course was like a trampoline from which I jumped to a higher spiritual level: closer to the heart of God and firmly rooted in Christ. I'll go back to the video lessons and know that the Holy Spirit will give me more revelations!

I.T., 37, Sofia, Bulgaria

I enjoyed the truths and revelations of this series. Patricia King presents this knowledge to her students with exceptional lightness and practical experience.

Very good teaching! So many truths God revealed to me--the teaching accompanied by the glorious presence of God, words are inadequate! I was like a sponge. I took everything in like a starving child. I followed Patricia’s teaching 100%, and every lesson blessed me abundantly. Indeed, the glory of God tangibly filled my room.

D.A., 47, kindergarten director, Dobrich, Bulgaria

This Academy is an answer to years of my prayers. I am not exaggerating when I say that it has nourished and revived my soul. Patricia King's teachings are a source of love and wisdom. The connection to the real source, Jesus Christ, is unceasing. Her messages, presented with incredible ease, are both powerful and inspirational. I was reminded of experiences in my childhood when I did not know of the existence of God, but I realize now that some of those were actually spiritual encounters with a God who was trying to touch me.

M.V., 54, HR specialist, Sofia, Bulgaria

I am so encouraged and elevated by this course. I watched all sessions almost at once and some of them twice. Patricia King is a unique gift to God's Kingdom. She is a minister with a sincerely humble and generous heart. This woman ministered to me personally in an incredible way. God confirmed and revealed things He has spoken to me for years. I even had experiences I didn't have the courage to share because I wasn’t sure what they were. Through this course, God revealed many undiscovered secrets.

M.M., 29, speech therapist, Sofia, Bulgaria

To live aligned with God's glory! Patricia King’s “Glory School” pushed me in this direction.

Watching most of the sessions, the Holy Spirit brought me to places I had not been before. Maybe because I carry this adventurous spirit and desire to search the unknown, my Father God gave me the privilege to peek behind the veil of some of the most exciting places.

R.K., 22, law student, Sofia, Bulgaria

Patricia King's teachings are like a place where I can stay and experience God's truth about His glory. From the beginning, Patricia shared something very exciting to me personally because it was part of a revelation God gave me years ago. God created the world, and every day He responded how good it was. When God created Man, He exclaimed with such love and delight! Man was really good made in God’s own image. Man began as the object into which God could pour Himself. God is love and He poured in love. What God did on the cross was again this unconditional love. Through the cross, God reconciled mankind with Himself. This is Love.

R.S., 44, graphic designer, Dobrich, Bulgaria

Since I became a Christian, I have had many spiritual experiences. Unfortunately, I have never been encouraged, supported or trained by anyone on this and have often been under pressure not to be interested in the supernatural. But now, through “The Glory School,” I’m truly convicted that my spiritual experiences are right, normal and from God. No more negative or ambivalent feelings, no more fear and anxiety or hesitation to experience!

P.I., 45, Nikosia, Cyprus

Dr. James W. Goll

I received a revelation from the video teaching on John 1:18: "No one has seen God at any time. The only begotten Son, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared Him." Jesus is in the Father's bosom. This statement for me has never been associated with the verses of John 17:24-26: "Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me…" I realized that Jesus came from the bosom of the Father, from His heart where there is care, love and mercy.  Jesus desires that we be with Him, not only for eternity, but NOW, in the present! Thank you, Jesus! This revelation stirred my heart to seek the Father's face and to get to know His heart more.

P.O., 43, accountant, Sofia, Bulgaria

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to meet a truly passionate, loving, surrendered heart – the heart of Dr. James Goll. The passion of this man of God is contagious. It causes you to get up and run the marathon whose ultimate goal is Jesus Christ.

R.K., 22, law student, Sofia, Bulgaria

Knowledge is not enough! We need to have the revelation of God's love in our hearts.

D.K., 44, social law student, Sevlievo, Bulgaria

Even from the beginning, I realized it was not a coincidence God had prompted me to join the Academy. I recognize Dr. James Goll;s course is the foundation God has been speaking to me about for some time. The Holy Spirit told me without a good foundation, the Architect would not give me permission to build.

B.D., 47, Teacher French Language, Dobrich, Bulgaria

So many transformations in just a month; joy overflows my heart! This is only the first month of an amazing journey with the Spirit and the Word. I can’t wait for the next course with Bill Johnson.

V.I., 55, attorney of business law, Sofia, Bulgaria

The name “I AM” is known only by those who know Him. “I AM” means so much! You know the One who speaks to you. To know God means to know His voice and vice versa – knowing God’s voice is a result of the knowledge of the One who speaks to you!

I.I., 42, businessmen, Dobrich, Bulgaria

As I watched the last few video sessions from the Passionate Pursuit course, I clearly realized that I don’t really know God! I've been reading the Bible for so many years, praying, going to church and doing ministry. I've been listening to sermons, but in fact my “knowledge" was a pretty distorted image of God. I saw God through the prism of Christianity. Have I been sincere with God? Yes! I had relationship with Him, but when I listened James Goll, I was amazed by his childlike joy in his relationship with God. I saw how delighted he is! I saw a deep, broad and strong foundation. I saw someone walking with God, not just meeting Him at times.

I realized how much I had transferred the relationship with my earthly father to my relationship with my heavenly Father. He gives me a task, and I have to do it myself. I have to find the way and carry the whole weight. God is the taskmaster, and I do the task! I realized how many of my heart desires are carnal and very often Jesus is not the center of my life! I sincerely love God. I had told him YES, but there are things in me I must allow Him to clear up to allow Him to reign.

I pray for God to give me more hunger and thirst for Him – deep, absorbing and desperate hunger, because God’s Word is life! I don't want to have any places in me that are not filled with Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

J.H., 45, attorney of business law, Sofia, Bulgaria

Some time ago, I heard in my spirit, "Explore the basics." I started thinking about my foundations--maybe they are not big enough, not deep enough. There may be impurities from false substances. How important are the foundations of a building? They protect it from collapse during floods, earthquakes or hurricanes. The higher the building is, the deeper the foundations must be. Beginning with the course “Passionate Pursuit” by James Goll, I began to recognize that the foundations of my faith had flaws, cracks, and impurities from my childhood forming bad patterns and religious practices.

K.D. 43, manager, Elhovo, Bulgaria

This course helped me to understand deeply what my relationship with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit should be. During the course, I listened to Dr. James Goll's lessons, read the Bible, and also devoted time to personal communication with God. It was unbelievable that the worries and tensions stepped back, and I was filled with the peace of God, felt happiness, love and ease.

D.K., 54, accountant, Sofia, Bulgaria

When I read how much God loves us, I began to experience Him more like my personal Father, and enjoyed talking, praying, and sharing with Him about my problems and feelings. I’ve understood that it is very important to have the love of God and to have a revelation of it.

I began to think about the past – whether I knew God as He really is. I realized that whoever is from God will have fruit from Him. For example, if I didn’t know Him as He is, I wouldn’t have His peace. On the other hand, sometimes I’ve been attacked by the devil, and without God’s power and grace, or His word, I would surely have walked in sin the wrong way. My earthly father has always wanted to keep me from dangers, and his love reflects God's love.

Now, I know that my Heavenly Father wants me to go directly to Him, ask Him and trust Him. I can rely on my Heavenly Father and expect miracles from Him that no man humanly can do. As one who was born a Muslim, today I see the difference between the god who is not real and the true God. I believe God is the only one. I am glad I have such a strong Father whose power I can count on.

I already know more about God and feel more passionate to speak clearly about God to people who are like me – to those who used to be Muslims or still are.

I believe in God who is real and there is no other. He is always with me!

A.S., 24, a former Muslim, Iranian, lives in Sofia, Bulgaria

One of the most difficult things in my life is daily "dying to self," my pride, self-expression, ambition… to deny myself. I asked myself “How did Paul so easily accomplish his words, ‘I have been crucified with Christ...’?" This was my struggle, my prayer and my cry to God. I’ve asked Him to show me and teach me the path of humility, the path of "crucifying the flesh".

When I began to listen to the sessions about God as a Father, about His name and who He is, God showed me the way, and it was so easy. With the revelation and awareness of who God is, what His majesty, power, strength, mercy, love, etc. is, I realized how small we are before Him. Give everything to Him and for His glory.

E.K., 46, dental technician, Sofia, Bulgaria

I’ve always wanted to know the heart of God even deeper and deeper. I’ve wanted to know the Father and to enjoy His presence even more. The revelation unfolded by James Goll has helped me to expand my knowledge of God, to awaken my first love. Dr. Goll's words, "The depth of our hunger is the length of an outstretched hand to God," inspired me so much. I don’t want to stay aside, positioned in human knowledge and understanding. I want to be with Him even closer, experiencing His love, His depths and His heights. The ability to approach our Heavenly Father is not in effort and repetitious activities, but passionate longing and willingness to be intimate with Him. For me God has always been prominent, my only, personal, loving Father. Daddy, the one I can lean on! Perhaps because I lost my earthly father, and I took care of him for a long time, I almost forgot what it is to have somebody to lean on, to ask help, "I cannot do this alone, please help me." I am glad to be called son of the living God, His beloved child! My Dad is the one who is stronger, wiser, and full of astonishing names. The one I long to meet each and every day.

I.S., 46, IT specialist, Dobrich, Bulgaria

These teachings painted pictures of revelation in me and put together a bigger picture of the power, the might, and the authority of the Word of God that God has set over His Name. This ignited and strengthened my beliefs in the incorruptible value of the life and influence of His Word, and His supremacy over circumstances and situations. I saw how many compromises I have made with the Word, when I hadn't trusted Him and doubted whether what was written is valid! There have been many invisible barriers standing between me and God because of the lack of understanding about His Love and care.

M.B., 63, beautician, Hemel Hempstead, UK

Immediately after the first lesson, "God as our Father," I experienced God's presence. The Holy Spirit touched me deeply and motivated me to accept God as my Father in my life. So far, as a Christian I have not realized the importance of knowing Him as such! I was also touched by the knowledge and understanding about the work of the Holy Spirit. It was exciting!

A.I, Nikosia, Cyprus

The course "Passionate Pursuit" influenced me a lot. I realized that in order to really love my Creator, I must long to know Him more and more. I pursue Him with great passion and pray for even greater revelation from His word. Every word He speaks is life. I realized that words should not be spoken only by faith, but also by understanding the depths of revelations.

R.M., 33, financial manager, Sofia, Bulgaria

I respect James Goll for all that he is in Christ! I like that he shares the Word with such extravagance and passion, and at the same time with humility. For me the teachings were immersed in the presence of God. Every spoken word was not just knowledge, it was fresh food that I continue to experience again and again as I mediate on it. As James Goll says, “The more I get to know Him, the more I love Him!”

R.S., 44, graphic designer, Dobrich, Bulgaria

I was so moved by James Goll and his deep connection with the Holy Spirit. I liked his sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, the way he honors Him. This relationship is beautiful! A desire was born in me, to be close to the Holy Spirit as he is, to feel His tenderness. I always thought of myself as a tough person, hard in my soul. This was the example I saw in my family. No emotions. I grew up consciously aware that this was my character. Now, I understand how valuable it is to be sensitive, not to ignore the small calls of the Holy Spirit when He tells us to do or say certain things. I understand the Holy Spirit is the connection between God the Father and Jesus, not just between us and Jesus.

T.P., 46, advertisement agency, Sofia, Bulgaria

I want to thank the Lord for Dr. James Goll, for this teacher and real man of God with great faith. I’m thankful for his book and video teachings. I hadn’t read or come across such extensive and meaningful material gathered in just one book. Everything was so precise, purposeful and synthesized. My sincere admiration!

I also want to thank God for the founders of the Academy – Arman and Petya Lalane, for their longing to see revived and transformed whole nations under the influence of God's presence, by equipping local leaders to bring change in the spheres of influence in society. I'm thankful for all that God has put into their hearts, and all that He has for us. For the team of the Academy, God bless you all! Amen!

M.K., 53, businessman, Kostenec, Bulgaria